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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an unbiased source of information that is enjoyable for all viewers, as well as promote the growth of scootering in all means possible.
“Fidelity is a company based on just what it sounds; loyalty to the growth of the sport.” -Ryan Upchurch

How did Fidelity come about?

Fidelity is the very first online video magazine for freestyle scootering. Fidelity came about when a young individual by the name of Ryan Upchurch took notice of the lack of a central, unbiased media site. With the help of talented individuals across the world, we plan to exclusively bring top-notch news, footage, and other media!

How will the video magazine work?

Each month Fidelity will collect footage from some of the largest events, and competitions across the world from some of the industry’s best videographers. In addition, there will be interview segments with some of the sport’s top riders as well as other featured content in some editions. Our exclusive videos will be released twice a month on our YouTube channel. Our site also provides a constant feed of the latest videos in the scooter community, as well as exclusive articles that will be uploaded bi-monthly!

Why watch videos from Fidelity?

The “Film Roll” footage that is viewable from Fidelity will be completely exclusive; it can be seen no where but here! All of our footage is produced by individuals highly active in the freestyle scooter community who we pay for exclusive rights to their work. Fidelity works towards bringing more exposure to the sport itself, as well as those retailers, and brands that advertise with us. All of our footage and other media will be of very high quality as a result of our extensive approval process. Only 10% of our videos will be advertising; while the other 90% will be our exclusive footage. Nobody wants to watch a program full of commercials, so we take pride in the fact that we bring the world a quality video magazine with only brief interruptions.

How can my company/brand get involved?

To become an advertiser or supporter you must send a request for application to or enter your information into the ‘Contact’ section of our site. Once completed, you will be sent a list for advertising packages and pricing.


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